Giant Round Strawbale

We are finally starting to decorate for fall and we have a long ways to go! It is amazing how long it takes to put a display together. The high temperatures makes the process take longer and less fun. The giant spider is made a lot like our little spiders. We use rebar to attach the legs on both. Believe me, pounding the rebar in the giant strawbale was not fun! We love the finished product though!

Gearing up for fall

Currently, we are busy finishing up some fun projects for fall. We have purchased a new food shack and are waiting for it to arrive. The old food shack will now be the Admission stand. We have already moved it to it’s new location. The old admission stand is now our exit stand and it too has moved a short distance. Having an exit stand will make checking out pumpkins and mums easier this fall. We are currently adding a new pedal kart track. This track is wider and almost double the size of the other track! Plus, we have added a few new karts! More exciting news to come!