Haunted Trail

A Night of Fun and Frights!

October 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th

7 pm – 10 pm (day-time activities close at 6pm and guests must leave so that we can transition from daytime to night-time).

last admission is 9:45pm

$13/person (children 15 and younger must be accompanied by an adult).

Bring your own flashlight (The haunted trail has some lights along it. There are no lights in the corn maze)

New Scenes – Creepier Attendants – More Scares!

Please Be Aware: This year we have opened up a new section of trail & it has bloody scenes – families with young children can opt to go a different route! Also, attendant costumes & “toys” in the corn maze and the new trail are more frightening! We do have a “NO Scare” option below. If you choose this option, please keep in mind that the attendants will not purposefully try to scare groups with glow sticks/necklaces. However, the scene will still be very scary if you choose to go down the new trail & the attendants costumes in that area & the corn maze will still be frightening!

Family Friedly Options

The NO SCARE glow stick/necklace – families with children that do not want “Jump Scares” can opt to wear glow stick/necklace(s). Staff will not scare groups that have anyone wearing a glow stick/necklace! Glow stick/necklace(s) will be available for purchase at the admission shed or Bring Your Own!

Story Time – A Story about Zombies & Magical Seeds!

Science Fun – Isn’t Science Cool! This year our science fun will be included with story-time!

Bonfire: Concession Stand Available

Extra Cost Activities

Jumping Pillow Available $3/person – weather permitting (receive an armband and jump as much as you want!)

Roast your own hot dogs or smores! – hot dogs & the makings for smores are available to purchase at our food shack. *Roasting sticks are loaned out for this activity and must be returned to the food shack attendant when you are done. (Guests may not bring in their own smores & hotdogs)

Food Shack Evening Options – hot chocolate, nachos & cheese, pretzels & cheese, chips, ice-cream, pumpkin bars, slushies, soda, Gatorade, tea.

Please check our Facebook site for any weather cancellations!